Open Your Eyes

The Property

Years of unremedied physical deterioration compounded by unchecked mismanagement and flagrantly self-serving, educratic interests have resulted in an environment that promotes animal disease—including zoonoses—facilitates animal injury, and causes animal harm.

With a worn-out chant of poverty and understaffing from low and mid-level Los Angeles Pierce College employees and an across-the-board abdication of responsibility to provide safe, clean, weatherproof animal enclosures, appropriate and healthy food, or timely and consistent routine, preventive, and emergency veterinary medical care for the ill and injured:

"Just give us more time; just give us more money."

For them, time, cash, and credibility have run out. Lobbying and litigating for "salvation"—and a restoration of funds and personnel that will never materialize—does nothing whatsoever to alleviate the plight and further suffering of animals kept and continually repopulated on this property today, tomorrow, or even next year.

Make a difference in the lives of animals most at risk and most genuinely affected by the white noise of shoddy, political wrangling and personal crusading that has shadowed the Los Angeles Pierce College farm for more than a decade. We've told you why you should, now we'll show you how.

View a map of the property with animal-holding areas. Use the map controls to pan and zoom in. Click on a map point to see status and monitoring information for an area.

You can also fly to us in Google Earth. Open Your Eyes.